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At Learning Associates, we believe early detection and intervention for learning disabilities are critical to future success.

According to the National Institute of Health, 8 to 10 percent of American children under the age of 18 have some type of learning disability. Having a learning disability can negatively impact a child’s ability to speak, read, write, understand math, and form social relationships. An undiagnosed learning disability can have a “snowball effect:” without the mastery of one skill, the next task becomes even more difficult, and then the student falls behind. As school becomes more frustrating, a child’s self-esteem may suffer along with his/her interest in school.

Through educational testing and observations, we can identify learning disabilities in even very young children. Holly then develops recommendations to address the particular challenges at home and in school as well as suitable school placements. She also works with schools to implement appropriate classroom accommodations. When learning disabilities are detected and addressed early, they have less impact on a child’s future academic success and well-being.

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Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

As the school year winds down, we are preparing for summer at Learning Associates. We welcome the increased opportunities we will have to meet with our students and families during this season. Whether you are a new client or returning student, this is a great time to reflect on the previous academic year and set goals for the next.

Summer is an ideal time to schedule Learning Evaluations. Students are more relaxed without the stress of homework and other extracurricular commitments. If your child’s academic performance concerns you or your child is due for reevaluation, please contact us. If your child may need accommodations for upcoming tests such as extra time for SATs or ACTs, please consider scheduling the testing before their busy fall schedules ensue. If testing is completed in the early summer, program recommendations and test accommodations can be ready for implementation when school re-opens in September. We know you will want to avoid conflicts with camp, work, family vacations, and other activities. Since appointment slots fill quickly, please let us know your preferred times soon. We are now scheduling Learning Evaluations for June, July, and August.

We encourage our high school clients to use the summer break to get started on their college applications and campus visits.

Wishing you a happy and healthy summer! Holly & Larry

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