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College Application Counseling Process

Every young person is unique and college applicants are choosing among thousands of colleges which run the gamut in style and content. Learning Associates utilizes a holistic approach to our clients. We consider the specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses of each student to customize a plan. Beyond grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities, we work to highlight each student’s special qualities within the constraints of the application. We personally guide and coach each applicant through the entire process to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and strength of the application in order to ultimately achieve the best possible results.

All these elements, and more, are available for the college application counseling process:

  1. Transcripts, standardized testing, learning evaluations, and other materials are reviewed.

  2. SAT or ACT choices, as well as possible accommodations, are considered.

  3. A list of colleges is developed and refined with the student to ensure there are good options to choose among later.

  4. Teacher and Counselor recommendations are secured in a meaningful fashion.

  5. Campus visits are supported.

  6. Early decision and other application plans are explained and considered.

  7. Deadlines are established, communicated to the student, and monitored.

  8. Precursors to the personal essays are developed with the student.

  9. Application contents are reviewed and deadlines are monitored.

  10. Financial Aid concepts are discussed, including need-based aid, merit aid, and athletic aid.

  11. Personal Essays are completed.

  12. Students are guided towards effective interviews.

  13. Selections are made among the student’s options after college acceptances are received.

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