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College Admissions Counseling

Scheduling, follow-up, coaching, educational input, and other services are delivered to provide support in the student’s search for the most suitable colleges.

Applying to college is a daunting task for a young person. Identifying the right colleges and completing applications is a time-consuming challenge. Most families find the process stressful. Many young people are conflicted about the excitement of leaving home for the world of their peers that is college, while they are also concerned about leaving the comfort and support of family.

We take over much of the hovering that traps well-meaning parents in a tug-of-war with the student. With the advantage of professional distance, we become the student’s coach and mentor. While we pay attention to all the deadlines and make sure the necessary steps are taken (and taken well) the parents get to enjoy watching the student succeed at setting the course for their own future, encouraging them along and exploring the higher education options that unfold.

For the prospective student athlete, there is the added element of identifying the right athletic programs and showing the student how to successfully communicate with coaches. This challenge is no less complex for young people with artistic, dramatic, or musical talents than it is for athletes. The college candidate with a learning difference must find a college that can support the student with individualized resources or accommodations, empowering that young person to succeed and excel. Indeed, every student and every family can benefit from a highly individualized approach to the college process.

We offer a comprehensive fixed fee program with no additional charges for an early start or we work with families on an hourly basis. We can begin as early as eighth grade, guiding students through course selection and extracurricular experiences. Certainly, spring term sophomores and rising juniors can and should be actively involved in college selection. We focus a great deal of attention on the work of coaching students through preparation of a meaningful and revealing personal statement. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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