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Dear Larry,

This past semester I applied for a dual-degree and I am simultaneously pursuing a degree in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Wharton School. Just wanted to reach out and update you as I do believe it was my concise writing style that opened up these opportunities for me. Thank you again for your help and advice as it continues to pay dividends for me.



University of Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Blumenstyk,
Thank you for your insight regarding the college application process. The modifications you suggested for my essays contributed to a far better product than the original, which I believe was key to me gaining admission to Duke University. It has become apparent over the course of the college advising sessions that, for lack of a better way to phrase it, you know what you are doing. While I was initially hesitant to go for college advising, looking back, I am confident I made the correct choice. Thank you for helping me gain admission into my dream school.



Duke Class of 2022

Dear Larry,
Thank you for all your wisdom, guidance and encouragement. My daughter was a tough nut to crack but with your experience and perseverance, she opened up and she completed her tasks and matured along the way. Thank you for giving your all to my daughter and always keeping your eye on the ball. Colgate will be a whole new ballgame for us! A small liberal arts college in a rural setting, wow! So here we go!!

All the best to you!

Parent, Oldwick, NJ

Dear Holly,
Thanks so much for connecting, and I hope you’re well.

With roughly one quarter complete, both boys love their respective schools.

My younger son really enjoys the school’s culture and the small class sizes, as well as the use of technology in the educational process. He was part of the middle school soccer team this fall, and signed up for basketball for the winter. He has a great group of friends at school and feels very well integrated into the school. Academically, he is getting straight As so far this quarter, and finds the environment motivating for him.

My older son too loves his school. Having gone there in elementary school, he has integrated into his class and school environment as though he had never left. He joined the freshman soccer team this fall and just started fencing for the winter. Surprisingly, his favorite class is English literature, which is a complete reversal from last year. He too is doing great academically — mostly As so far.

We are really grateful for all of your help and guidance getting the boys to this point, as are the boys.

Warm regards,

Parents, Short Hills

As the college workshop series comes to a close, I want to thank you sincerely for your continuous efforts over the past several months to open the eyes of our young people to college access.
Our youth are quite a bunch in Paterson, however, whether they realize it or not at this time, the knowledge bestowed upon them has the power to change their lives if they apply it, and we will continue our efforts to create opportunities for them to do just that.

We value you highly as a partner and hope we can again work with you in the future.

Barry Ford, MPA

Deputy Chief Program Officer, New Jersey Community Development Corporation

Things here are going very well how quickly time flies. We remain very busy with work and our son is thriving and doing very well. He is about to be a senior at Cuse and is living in NYC for the summer working for a start-up. Ironically he is focused on driving their social media efforts for a new website they launched. Syracuse really was the best place for him. I know he is going to write you and he can fill you in on all the great things he is doing. We often speak your name as we truly believe that you helped shape our son’s future and for that we will forever be grateful. If you ever have a potential client who wants to speak to someone about do I or don’t I make this investment – send them my way.

All the best and enjoy a wonderful summer.

Parent, Montville

I wanted to thank you for all your assistance on behalf of my family. You are an outstanding professional and I am grateful for all your expertise.

Parent, Montclair

I know it has only been two weeks, but my son has exceeded our 2 week expectation. So far he has 100 on the first History quiz, the highest in the class and A’s on all other work he has turned in to his classes. He likes his teachers! They are recommending him for the accelerated program and he is doing all extra credit assignments so he can get the highest standing at the school. This is the same kid that gave us straight D/F’s on his last report card.

We could not have found better placement for our son without you! We are extremely grateful!

Parent, Mountain Lakes

I just thought you should know that my son made the Honor Roll this marking period. We are so proud of him. Without you and what you do my son would be falling through the cracks, not learning and feeling discouraged. What you do really makes a difference for my son. For that I will always be grateful. Thank you for all your help and always being there when needed most.

This kid is learning with ADHD and a learning disability!

Parent, Roxbury

Thanks very much for all your help in this process. You have shepherded and advocated for (student) in all ways a counselor should and I very much appreciate the way you have understood our side of the process throughout our correspondence. If there is anything else I can help with, do not hesitate to be in touch.

Associate Admissions Director, College, PA

Thanks so much for all your help. Getting an IEP for my son has had an amazing effect on him psychologically.

Parent, Madison

First, thank you for understanding our kids. You get them in a way that makes them both feel comfortable and encouraged to be themselves.
Thank you for helping our daughter find her way to (university) and New York City which she loves so much. She is thriving and constantly inspired.

For all these years of helping our son get through school which stifles him so much and for finding (boarding school) where he will grow and find himself. We have great confidence that he will excel and find happiness there.

Most likely we will be calling on you in the future for your expertise.

Parents, Basking Ridge

Now that our daughter has made her decision and we’ve sent in our deposit to [boarding school], we just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for all your help in this process. We accomplished a lot in a very short period and it all worked out better than we could have imagined going in. We’re very excited for our daughter and more importantly, she’s very excited about the fall. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Parents, Basking Ridge

Our son attended a top ranked NJ public high school, was enrolled in two AP courses, had SAT’s in the 1500’s and was a peer leader in school. In early November, we first read his essay and were appalled. Luckily we engaged Larry Blumenstyk at Learning Associates. We all credit Larry for invaluable help in getting him successfully through the transition.

S.B. & M.B.

“We will be forever indebted to Learning Associates for their professional services in guiding our daughter to the completion of her college essay…Our gratitude to Larry could not be greater.”


“You were the calm voice of reason, the expert explaining how [my son’s] disability be seen in the classroom and at home, the Mom who could related to issues of growing children/teens. You helped me cope and helped me to explain the issues at hand with dyslexia to [my son’s] teachers. We would be lost without you!”


Ms. Blumenstyk has significant expertise regarding local high schools, schools in other parts of New Jersey and boarding schools in other states. Our son is completing his sophomore year and we are thrilled with his progress. In addition to making terrific progress, our son is much happier.


“Due to your testing and results, Drew [University] has been more than helpful with our daughter. [They have] arranged for our daughter to have 50% more time to complete her tests and in a quiet room…Her test scores have skyrocketed. Our daughter is thrilled. She is not only thriving but has so much more confidence in herself. Simply put, for the first time since middle school she is a happy human being. We are looking forward to seeing her semester grades in December.”


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