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Early Detection for Learning Disabilities

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

At Learning Associates, we believe early detection and intervention for learning disabilities are critical to future success.

According to the National Institute of Health, 8 to 10 percent of American children under the age of 18 have some type of learning disability. Having a learning disability can negatively impact a child’s ability to speak, read, write, understand math, and form social relationships. An undiagnosed learning disability can have a “snowball effect:” without the mastery of one skill, the next task becomes even more difficult, and then the student falls behind. As school becomes more frustrating, a child’s self-esteem may suffer along with his/her interest in school.

Through educational testing and observations, we can identify learning disabilities in even very young children. Holly then develops recommendations to address the particular challenges at home and in school as well as suitable school placements. She also works with schools to implement appropriate classroom accommodations. When learning disabilities are detected and addressed early, they have less impact on a child’s future academic success and well-being.

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