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School Placement

Holly works with families of students of all academic profiles seeking placements into kindergarten through high school. She consults with families and guides them through the entire private day school or boarding school admissions process. Holly serves as a liaison between the student and the admissions office at each school to which the student applies.

Before the initial meeting, the family completes an application form and provides copies of the student’s school records, including report cards or transcripts and standardized test results. Holly reviews this material in order to understand the student’s academic background. Next Holly meets with the family, either in person or via Skype, to understand the young person’s character and learn about the student’s educational goals, personal interests, strengths, and weaknesses. She works with the student and family to identify priorities and preferences for the type of school, location, extracurricular activities, and any other specific requirements. Based on the family’s input, Holly generates a customized list of appropriate schools to meet their criteria. The family visits the schools to determine their level of interest.

Holly then assists the family in identifying the schools to which the student will actually apply and communicates with the admissions officers at the schools to determine the viability of the student’s candidacy. She helps the family track application, testing, interview and student visit deadlines. Throughout the process, Holly meets with the student to manage these deadlines and complete tasks. She guides the student through completion of meaningful essays and offers effective interview techniques. Once admission offers are received, Holly helps the family make the final decision.

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