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College Guidance Q & A

Larry receives numerous questions regarding college admissions from applicants and their families. Each week he will pick one question and share his response. This week's question about Advanced Placement test scores is timely as students will be taking their AP exams over the next 2 weeks.

Q: Do Advanced Placement exams help in enhancing your college application?

A: Advanced Placement courses are a prescribed curriculum leading to a required class examination plus the AP test administered by the College Board. Historically, the AP scores did not even go to the admission office, only to the registrar and only after acceptance. However, that has changed and admissions offices can now see the AP scores if they are sent and if they wish.

However, the student who gets an A in an AP course should get a 5 or a 4 in the AP exam. So a 5 on an AP test in which you received an A is confirmatory but not additive. It’s already “baked into the cake.” A 4 is ho hum. On the other hand, if the student got a C in the AP course but then received a 5 on the exam, well that’s not a feather in their cap, is it? What happened in class? Is the AP Test outcome valid? So AP tests are fine and all but not a revelation in themselves.

Good luck!

If you have questions pertaining to college admissions or would like to learn more about our program, please contact Larry Blumenstyk at

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