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College Guidance Q & A

Larry receives numerous questions about college admissions from applicants and their families. This week he responds to a timely question about an admissions deferral.

Q: I got deferred from an Ivy League, and I sent a letter of continued interest. Then, my admissions officer responded warmly. Is this normal? Does this happen to everyone who sends a letter of continued interest after deferral?

A: That response means the admissions officer had the time and inclination to be nice. Nobody gets an obnoxious response to a letter of continuing interest.

Your application is now part of a much larger pool of candidates awaiting consideration, from which a percentage at least 1/3 less than were admitted in the early round will be chosen. So, think of that deferred application more as a lottery ticket than an investment with a likely return awaiting you. Put it aside and look for a fine new path into your future. If the ticket pays off, well then you are lucky indeed.

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