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College Guidance Q & A

Larry receives numerous questions about college admissions from applicants and their families. While this week's question is about Ivy League admissions, Larry's response can be applied more broadly.

Q: What trumps a perfect SAT score when being admitted to an Ivy League college?

A: A perfect GPA overwhelms a perfect SAT score and makes the test largely irrelevant. Many students with perfect test scores are not admitted to the most selective US colleges.

AP courses completed with high AP test scores can result in a class placement advantage. On the other hand, the influence of SAT scores disappears after acceptance to one of these colleges.

Larry works with students of all academic profiles and extracurricular interests. If you have questions about college admissions or would like to learn more about our program, please contact him at

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Larry receives numerous questions from applicants and their families about college admissions. While this week's question comes from a younger student interested in applying to Ivy League universities