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College Guidance Q & A

As a college admissions advisor, Larry receives numerous questions from applicants and their families. This week he addresses a topic on the minds of many high school students - college admissions testing.

Q: Which is easier, the SAT or ACT?

A: The overwhelming use of these two tests is as a marker for college admissions, so it might be best to limit consideration to that purpose.

When an applicant submits scores to a college, the test scores are being considered in context - by comparison with historical applicant scores and scores of applicants in the current pool. For context when considering the test scores of applicants who submit ACT v SAT, the colleges can also turn to the concordance tables worked out by psychometricians at ACT and College Board.

Therefore, there is no meaning to any argument about “which is easier.” In relatively few instances, one of the tests is more suitable for a student than the other, but when looking at large numbers of test takers the outcomes are equivalent.

If you have questions about college admissions or would like to learn more about our program, please contact Larry Blumenstyk at

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