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College Admissions Q & A

As a college admissions advisor, Larry works with students from all over our country as well as the world. He understands the different requirements for students who live or study outside of the U.S. and helps them navigate these complexities. This week he responds to a question from an American citizen who attends a high school abroad.

Q: If I'm American but go to high school abroad (in my case Egypt), does that make me an international student when applying to colleges in the US? Also note that I'm an IGCSE student.

A: As a US citizen, you are treated as a domestic student for purposes of financial aid.

Because your transcript comes from an Egyptian high school, admissions will probably have an international officer who reads your file first and manages its progress.

Since you studied for at least three years in an English language curriculum, TOEFL might not be required.

Make sure to check with each college, but keep these three items separate when you inquire.

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